Hutchinson Magazine

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The Hutchinson News puts out a lovely little magazine called simply Hutchinson Magazine.  In it are features of local interest, both individuals and businesses.  I love discovering how many amazing things go on right here in my area!


In this Winter 2015 issue is an article on Artlandia, a new gallery space in Hutchinson. More than a gallery, it has office space for creative businesses, studios for artists, and a meeting place for all kinds of creative activities. Owner Jennifer Randall refers to it as a “makerspace”.


I am looking forward to having my artwork hang in the gallery again in February 2016.  I will also have some sort of interactive workshop where people can just have fun getting together to create.


A copy of Hutchinson Magazine can be picked up at the Hutchinson News office for a very reasonable $4 or, it can be viewed for free online! It’s a great way to keep up with what is happening in Hutchinson!


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