You CAN draw!

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If you are among the large portion of the population that insists you can’t draw, I thought you might enjoy this video featuring Graham Shaw.  Yes you can draw!


Here are my attempts at following along with his sketches.  Fun! I have the urge to do some cartooning now!


He asked a very thought provoking question… How many limiting beliefs do each of us carry about every day?

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  1. Boy, isn’t that the truth. My favorite saying is “What would you attempt to do if you KNEW you could NOT fail?” This actually led to me quitting my full time job many moons ago and starting a business. Powerful stuff! Thanks for this terrific post!

  2. I’ve watched the video over and over before and it got me thinking….why do i limit myself to everything that is comfortable and so afraid to try things that takes me to an uncomfortable state. Since last year I have been teaching myself how to sketch and there are days that I want to quit. But I told myself, I have already invested a lot of time and energy in this and this is what i want to do so i am continuing no matter how slow and positively hoping that things will get better. Thanks for sharing the video. I had a great time viewing it again.

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