Artist Trading Card Play


I have an artist trading card (ATC) workshop coming up on Saturday, so I have been refreshing and perfecting my lesson plan by making more cards! Playing cards are one of my favorite foundations for these mixed media lovelies.  I made a new stencil design that I tried out, and am anxious to share with those who will be at my workshop on Saturday!

20160203_132949ATC hearts watermark

I have been using my 6 x 6 inch Dots in a Row stencils like crazy too!


I also created a new digital download sheet that can be great ATC starters.

ATC hearts watermark

And, I have been leaving some of my artist trading cards here and there around Hutchinson as a treat for someone to find… and hopefully brighten their day.  I included a little message on the back…


20160122_220624 20160122_120159

Hope you have fun creating, and giving!

Saturday’s workshop is 1 to 4 pm in Artlandia, the gallery in Hutchinson where I will have art on display this month.  Please email me at if you are interested in coming!



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  1. I love the heart cards. They’re so cute. The circle stencils are gorgeous. Your workshop should be exciting. I hope you’ll be fully booked for the upcoming one. x

  2. What an awesome treat to leave someone, I love these!

  3. Is the stencil available? I would use that SO much, agree with Sabiscuit, the circle stencils on the cards, terrific!

  4. Thank you! You can find both the Dots in a Row stencil and my new hearts ATC stencil set in my etsy shop here and here

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