Tulips at Sunrise

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tulips at sunrise watermark

This week I have had a lot of fun making a big stack of pretty papers using a printing plate and various tools, mostly hand made.

20160210_171633 20160211_112124

One of those papers found its way into this piece as the vase, and more bits and tidbits make up the tulips and stems.   I imagine this scene with the light of the morning sun shining in through a window casting a bit of a glow on everything… It invokes a bit of calm and stillness for me, like someone took the time in the early morning to gather tulips and is sitting at a sunny kitchen table arranging them.  I can almost smell the fresh air and see the cottage curtains flapping in the breeze!

But since I paint better than I garden, and am more likely to linger at my studio work table than the kitchen table, this is my alternative.


Hope you have a beautiful, sunshiny day!

If you are interested in this piece, contact Tessera Fine Art Gallery at (316) 262-2435.

Prints available in my etsy shop here.

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