Dollar Store Art Supplies


This is the haul of mixed media art supplies I brought home from the dollar store yesterday!  Can you figure out what everything will be used for?

  • fly swatter
  • cotton swabs
  • paint brushes (at least you should get this one!)
  • decorative mesh
  • nail polish
  • rubber bands
  • bubble wrap
  • eraser
  • hair rollers
  • eye shadow brush
  • finger nail detail pens
  • paper plate holders
  • hair spray
  • eye shadow
  • petroleum jelly
  • finger nail polish pens
  • plastic forks and spoons

How was your mixed media on the cheap I.Q.?

I am happily preparing for upcoming MIXED MEDIA ON THE CHEAP workshops… in Jerseyville, Illinois on April 8, and at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita, Kansas on May 14.  It will include fun tools and mediums as well as recipes for making your own art supplies using what you likely already have in your home!

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  1. Oh, how I wish I could be there, it’s a far drive from Ohio! Please share what you use the rollers for! Love your site.

  2. I use eye shadows and other pressed powder type make up the way you’d use pan pastels…love the color and the effects.

  3. I so wish I lived closer! You are talkin’ my language now! heehee Mostly because I’m too frugal to part with household stuff and try to do art with it. The rollers, Lucy asks? Well… if it were me, I’d put something like a skinny rolling pin through one and use it to make marks in my paint or ink, or apply it. Also use the ends to dip into paint and stamp rings. Kayann, next time you go, see if you can get lint rollers for a good price. You can stick foam stamps on them, or wrap rubber bands or twine around and because it rotates freely, you can print with them. Then, also, the lint rollers make GREAT glitter pick-up tools. OK, I’ll stop now, lol. Have fun! xoxo

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