The Story Happening by Sabrina Ward Harrison

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I was recently introduced to this book by my friend Darla. I seldom do this, but I got on Amazon and ordered a used copy right then and there!  It is designed to be a starting place to add your own journaling, drawing, painting, photos, or memorabilia to.  She has scribbled in words and phrases that can serve as prompts for the lovely pages.  I find it inspiring just to look through!



If you like the look of an art journal but aren’t so sure about actually doing it, this book would be a perfect starting place!

Also by Sabrina Ward Harrison, “The True and the Question” and  “Spilling Open” and other books as well!  Go take a look!


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  1. Agreed! Love Sabrina too!

  2. Beautiful 🙂 Miranda has got The True and The Questions and it is absolutely wonderful. Really inspiring and lovely. Wild and free and natural.

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