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“Sgt. Pepper”

The beetles have been invading our home this summer.  Perhaps that is what got my mind onto all this buggy art!  Whatever the case I have had a lot of fun with this beetle series!

“Lovely Rita”

I started with filling the surface of the boards with papers, paints, and fun marks.  Then I reverse painted a beetle.  After coating with wax, I added more embellishment with graffito, oil paint sticks, amber shellac, and more.

“Hey Jude”

Finally, I had fun naming them with the collaborative help of a couple of my daughters.  Can you guess the theme?

“Eleanor Rigby”

These four beetles are on 8 x 10 inch boards, and are headed to Larksfield Place.

But I have four more that are 6 x 8 inches, and will go to Tessera Fine Art Gallery tonight when I head there for Final Friday fun!  Come find out what I named these four little guys!

Hope to see you there!

Check out the fun mark making, even of the sides!

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