The Plum Bazaar

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I recently visited a daughter attending college in Emporia, Kansas.  While there, she showed me this fantastic store called Plum Bazaar.

plum Bazaar

I started ohhhing and ahhhing before I even made it in the door as they had some sale goodies in bins outside the door!

Once inside I was more giddy than a kid in a candy shop. There were beads galore, but also all the other crazy kind of stuff I like to create with.  There were fossils and rocks and wood and sea sponges.  Next to that there were old Chinese war medals, and smashed pennies, and linoleum samples, and leather, and…. I can’t even begin to name everything!

inside plum bazaar

I want you to know that I practiced TREMENDOUS restraint, but still came home with several treasures that I am sure you will soon spot showing up here and there in my creations.

Plum Bazaar haul

I got new beads for my bookmarks, doll heads for my assemblages, bottles to package some beads I plan to sell, vintage postcards, one of those lovely Chinese medals, a smashed penny (which I have already used to embellish a leather cuff), a vintage Chinese picture book, earrings to paint, and linoleum samples that I plan to turn into pendants.  What a haul, but just a fraction of what I COULD have bought!

plum Bazaar pics

It is definitely worth the stop if you are ever in the area!

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  1. We have something similar in Houston called Texas Art Asylum, its full of treasure 🙂 unfortunately a little pricey though.

  2. […] on canvas, I decided they would be great on these little laminate samples I had picked up in my Plum Bazaar haul.  See them in the upper left of the photo below?  I knew they would come in handy some […]

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