Tangible Texture Pendants



After having so much fun with my tangible textures on canvas, I decided they would be great on these little laminate samples I had picked up in my Plum Bazaar haul.  See them in the upper left of the photo below?  I knew they would come in handy some day!

Plum Bazaar haul

So, on the backside of these little laminate samples I had a blast digging through my junk jar and arranging little bits of treasures to be.


Then I added a coat of gesso and paint..


And added some shine with some old Treasure Gold I had picked up years ago at a garage sale.  If you have some that has gotten dry like mine, add some turpentine with a dropper, close the lid and let them sit a day or two and they should be usable again.  I also used a Derwent Inktense pencil in bark color with a wet paintbrush to add some shading around the elements.



And there they are finished, ready for some black cords!


I will be taking these pendants to Tessera Fine Art Gallery  in Wichita, Kansas for their upcoming holiday boutique… and maybe wearing one myself if I can decide which one!  I am kind of partial to this one with the baby doll shoe on it… Which is your favorite?



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