Be brave my dear!

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Art is scary!  Not the end result, but the process itself.  To follow your creative urge is to first of all become vulnerable to yourself, and then to reveal that same vulnerability to the world. Creativity is somehow connected to our very core, the essence of the Spirit’s breath within us.  Faith, art, and life are more than traveling companions, they are the journey itself.  All three twined so closely together I cannot begin to tell where one stops and the other starts.  And so, in retrospect, 2012 was, for me, the year to reconcile myself to being more of myself than I had ever dared to be.  Living, loving, daring, risking, and creating loud enough for the world to see.  To create, to name myself an artist, to submit work for publication, to blog, to go public with my quirky self.  To fall down, get up, and try again.  To do it, even though it is hard, scary, or even a bit impossible.  To imagine, and then some.  I am amazed and overwhelmed with gratitude for where it has led me.  I can’t wait to see what new adventures 2013 will bring.

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  1. Caroline Flexman

    Congratulations on your new blog Kayann… its looking fabulous! xx

  2. Kelsi Depew

    Looks like a great place to start!

  3. so happy o have found yr blog! Look forward toseeing yr 2013 adventures pan out! 😀

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