HOW TO turn bottles from roadside trash to repurposed gift

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After my family cleaned up the trash from the roadside ditches near our home, I noticed that there were loads of glass bottles, and decided to do something fun with them.  Here’s how!

a step 1

1.  A big clean up job!  I used bleach to kill any nasty germs!

a step 2

2. They looked much better after a good scrubbing!

a step 3

3. Gather discarded book pages, dictionary pages, scrapbook paper, road maps, or sheet music.

a step 4

4. Use Mod Podge to coat the bottle, then cover with the paper of your choice.

a step 5

5. Make slits in your paper to shape around the curves at the top and bottom.

a step 6

6. Once completely covered, add another coat of Mod Podge to seal any loose edges, and make your bottle waterproof.

a step 7

7. Now it is ready to embellish however you wish.  Paint, wrap with wire and steam punk parts, deoupage, etc.

e2bottle fininshed

8. Add corks or other stoppers, and your bottles are ready to use as decoration, or fill with bubbles or bath salts.

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