Fabulous Find

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You know those simple little things that are such a pleasure to use? Those quaint or quirky items that you didn’t know how much you would enjoy until you had one? Over the years I have collected a number of such treasures, and continue to keep my eye out for them. Some are of a purely practical benefit, while others have an intangible ‘funness’ appeal. The very best possessions are those that both serve and delight.

This week’s beauty is my watercolor flask.  It is a perfectly worn and scratched metal flask that slides into a fitted cup with a folding handle. It is topped with a snugly fitting cork, so is perfect for taking water along in my travel paint box. Then I can just pour it into the cup when I am ready to paint.  I can’t remember whether I found it at a yard sale, or at a thrift store, but I did know exactly what it was meant to be the moment I saw it.  A fabulous find for my studio for sure!

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