Grow Forth!

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It’s time!  With still chilly weather, and snow in my part of the world just yesterday, I am looking to the promise of spring.  I notice the green popping up here and there, the warmish sunny days that just get me itching for MORE!  To witness growing and warmth and blossoming and song and light in the world around me reminds me to hope for all sorts of renewal.  A better world, a hope for heaven, personal growth in so many areas… When the alive springs to life, dead wood is exposed for what it is and the challenge remains to root it out and haul it to the burn pile, making way for the new, the beautiful and lovely, to grow and flourish.  I suppose that is what prompts our urge for spring cleaning in our homes and in our lives.  This week my spring cleaning involves relocating my stash of scrapbook supplies and jumble of family photos that record so many important growth points.  How time flies!  Life is so short, and spring is upon us!  Time to “Grow Forth” and blossom into the beautiful and lovely and right and clear out some dead wood.  It’s time!

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  1. Hi, I ran across your blog when visiting my friend Melanies Bookshop Blog. Blueburd books….Your blog looks great! It really shows off the colors of your artwork! I just had not gotten on and checked you out yet so was happy when I came across it! Looks great!


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