File Box Art Journal

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I have had so much fun working on these art journal pages to use in a vintage metal file box that I will decorate later.  The great part is you don’t have to worry about the order of the pages, you just follow your fancy and later when you are using them you can determine the order, or rearrange as you wish.  For this batch, I used 4 x 6 cards to fit a file box I found.


Our dining table is a ping pong table, so makes a great large work surface!  I covered it with an old vinyl tablecloth, spread out a batch of 4 x 6 cards cut from old file folders, and spent a fun hour with my daughter slapping some paint around!


We used some stencils and textures to make patterns with the paint.  My personal favorite was a piece of mesh Christmas ribbon that made a cool polka dot pattern.


We had fun experimenting with color combinations, sprays, textures, brushes and effects.


My kids cut some paper “snowflakes” that we used as masks. Later I will decoupage the painted snowflakes onto some project – waste not want not!


Plan on getting messy, its part of the fun.  We decided maybe it would be fun to try some of the textures on fingernails with two colors of polish! Hmmm…


Soon, we had a large assortment of super fun pages drying.


I did some other funky papers, like some old envelopes that will be glued to the cards as little pockets for ????


Even the paper I stuck underneath my paint mess turned out great and will get used somewhere…


Finished stack of pages all ready for happy CREATING!

Here are three freebie jpg images you can copy and print to get you started on your own file box art journal!

FREEBIE journal background a

FREEBIE journal background b

FREEBIE journal background c

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