Bicycle Wheel Stencil Storage

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The fun find I want to share with you today is the bicycle wheel that my husband mounted under the loft (did I mention there is a loft in my studio!!).  I added some of those little hooks that have clips on them, and there you have it, the perfect place to store my stencils.  I used to have them in a large drawer, but they tend to get tangled up with each other and I had to do a lot of digging to find the one I wanted.  File folders in a file drawer work great for the small ones, but I had too many biggish stencils.  Also, here I can hang them up even while they are still wet with paint and not have to worry about them sticking together. And, because it turns, I can easily browse for the perfect stencil!

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  1. THIS is a great idea! I’m cramped for space to hang my artwork– what a cool solution.

  2. […] husband’s bicycle wheel rack invention makes a super handy place for those large and delicate stencils that don’t fit well […]

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