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I am in the midst of trying to reorganize my studio ( yes, AGAIN… or maybe STILL!) and decided to take some shots of the action!  These photos aren’t great since I took them at night, but it will give you a glimpse of how things are coming along!


This is where strings of beads and pretties hang out until they become purse straps, or beads on Lil’ Junker journals or bookmarks… or even sometimes jewelry!


My daughter and I finally rolled up my sash of old belts getting ready to become cuffs.  Now they can be contained instead of the wild, spilling over basket of mess they had been.


This is my reminder that NOTHING gets to park on top of the furnace, not matter how tempting that flat surface may be…


I am loving my new Ikea shoe storage tilt out drawer things.  One holds those oversized pads of papers, one my mats, and this one has my miscellaneous stack of works in progress, and 13 x 19 sheets of pretty papers printed from my own doodles and designs.


This is my journal making station.  Still looks kind of messy, but it is actually well organized into compartments with pockets, special papers, etc.


My paint cups from the hardware store hang on towel bars.  This is a great way to store things on my sloping ceiling/walls.


Here sits my latest Art Snacks treasures, patiently waiting for me to have time to play with them.  Take a look at that turquoise mechanical pencil!


My husband’s bicycle wheel rack invention makes a super handy place for those large and delicate stencils that don’t fit well into my stencil box.


I got this tool chest at a garage sale a couple of years ago and repainted it.  It is the handiest thing ever and holds all kinds of supplies!


My assemblage “junk” hangs out in jars on a cute vintage kitchen work table nearby.  This goes on journals and cuffs as well as waiting patiently for some future assemblage projects!


I love vintage and have many little treasures hanging out.  I do actually listen to this radio, though the clock doesn’t work anymore.  Maybe I will do something cute with it one of these days.


My washi tape collection in a jar on top of Bardo’s box, guarded by a little dancer.


Bardo’s box is in a little nook that is for art journaling and other small projects.


More hanging storage cups… these by Ikea and actually work better than the hardware store ones.  I am using them as a valance of sorts above my low windows.


My hanging bird cage is a handy place to stuff those little fabric scraps that come in so handy.


My rubber alligator kind of roves around.  Never know where he might turn up next!  Would love to have you come to my studio open house next weekend and see where he is lurking by then!  I will also be selling wonderful goodies that I am clearing out to make way for new projects.  Email me at if you need more information!

open house postcard 2016


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  1. So many things to LOVE, but my fav is your hubby’s take on storage with the bicycle wheel! That is just genius … functional, funky & very cool 🙂

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