Art Journal Box for the Graduate

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Daughter #4 graduated from high school this weekend.  For each of my children I have created some sort of special scrapbook or album for them to take along on the new leg of their life journey.  This time, I made a file box full of decorated file cards that have a combination of personal pictures and artwork.  Since we both share a love of quotes, there are an ample supply of them to encourage and inspire her.  Tabs provide suggested sections: family, beauty, faith, etc.


For the box, I used a old metal 4 x 6 card file, covered it with vintage book pages, and then painted it.  These boxes also come in 3 x 5, and 5 x 7 sizes.  How handy that they happen to fit standard photo sizes!  It also makes it easy to use made to fit index cards, and tabbed file cards.  I had a stash of old ones on hand that I use in journal making, so I was all set.

For many of the cards, I used actual photos and painted and stamped right on top of them.  Some I printed in a washed out, gray scale version to serve as a background for my whimsy to play on.

dr seuss watermarkbefore after 2 before after

I will share more on this project through the week!

If you want a ready to gift or personalize yourself version of this Art Journal File Box, go to this section of my etsy shop!

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  2. […] Art Journal Box for the Graduate […]

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