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Several years ago, I wanted to add some color and visual appeal to the Bible studies I was writing.  The cheapest and easiest solution was to produce my own illustrations, but since I hadn’t done that type of thing before I felt a little hesitant.  I could come up with simple little line drawings…but anything more?  Then I did a lesson on Hannah.  Desperately longing for a child, she passionately cried out to God with tears flowing.  The part of the story that really struck me is that BEFORE she was granted her request, she left rejoicing.  It was that image of a rejoicing Hannah that I wanted to capture.

Setting a strong fear of failure behind me, I gathered some simple art supplies. I used watercolor pencils in addition to watercolor paints, enjoying the “safety” and familiarity of holding a pencil and making soft sketches before I was committed.  I loved the process!  I loved watching the image in my mind emerge on paper.  Not a perfect masterpiece by any means, but it captured what I really wanted it to.  And, it left me wanting to do more.  For the next couple of years I “practiced” by making quick illustrations for my weekly Bible studies.  Admittedly, they weren’t the best, but they gave me valuable practice, and I slowly gained confidence…and most importantly I was hooked!  I had rediscovered my childhood love of painting and all things artsy.  All thanks to Hannah!

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