Mask Making How To


A quick and easy way to make an interesting writing “spot” in your art journal is to use a mask.  It blocks the paint to leave a blank space for writing.

m1  m2

The first step is to find an image that you want to use in a magazine.  Carefully cut out the image.  Simpler images usually work better.

m3 m4

Taking a page already prepped with a coat of gesso, decide where you want the blocked area to be.  I turned my image over so I could still use this lovely lady elsewhere if I choose to. Add a tiny touch of glue, or rubber cement to hold the image in place.


I used Montana Gold spray paint (the kind used by graffiti artists) to make a quick design on the pages.  These paints are great because you can order different size nozzles according to the kind of painting you want to do, and they come in a gazillion different colors!  I ordered mine from Plaza Art Supply.


And there you have a lovely page ready for more embellishing and writing!

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  1. What a great idea! And it’s a big help for drawing challenged people like myself. I can’t create a realistic silhouette to save my life.

  2. Thanks for this great step-by-step quick lesson. Love your work!

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