Vacation Gratitude Greats

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There is nothing like camping in the Colorado Rockies for a week to help you appreciate the simple things!

Water for example.  There is no tap water at the convenience of the kitchen sink to take for granted at the campsite, but there is a nearby pump where with just a little effort drinkable water is available.  Water that requires even a tiny bit of effort is suddenly more valuable.  Hmmm….

I also really, really, enjoyed the constant sound of the rushing mountain stream that we were camped next to.

And a little further up, that same stream was a lovely waterfall!



The cool crisp mountain air at 9,000+ feet in elevation was a welcome change from the heat of a Kansas summer, and of course those nippy mornings and evenings were cause for one of my camping favorites, a nice toasty fire.  Fire is so fascinating, so dangerous, so enticing… It draws everyone to it, and therefore together as well.  Sitting around the campfire just has a bonding effect and I enjoyed the too quickly vanishing time with my three teenage daughters.



Of course, I also have to mention being surrounded with stunning beauty on all sides.  It was like manna for my creative soul, nourishing a frenzy of painting, and inspiring me to try new techniques.  I even went to town to buy more canvases!

blank canvas


Rest was another enjoyment I was thankful for on vacation.  Losing track of time other than night or day.  Eating when we were hungry and sleeping when we were tired.  Taking time to stare at the clouds and watch the hummingbirds and chipmunks. Dates and schedules did not exist for one blessed week!



Finally, I realized how much I take my sturdy house for granted.  Somehow when there is only a thin sheet of nylon between me and the elements (and the black bear that entered our campsite twice!) I become very thankful for what I have.



What were you grateful for this week?

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