Palette Knife Paintings

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blank canvas


One of the things I love about vacation, especially in the great, inspiringly beautiful outdoors, is trying new things.  We started with a day trip to nearby Salida, Colorado, a wonderfully artsy town with 20 art galleries!  I am not normally much of a landscape painter, but after a visit to the studio/gallery of Carl Bork, I was inspired!  So back at the campsite, I pulled out my palette knife, canvas, and acrylic paints, and gave it a try.

mountains at night watermark


This was my first attempt – appropriate for the dusky time of day I was painting.  I call it “Night in the Mountains”.  I used only a large palette knife, so had to work much “looser” than I was accustomed, focusing more on color than detail.  It was so fun!  I just had to run to town again to buy more canvas!

mountain painting


This one is “Sunset in the Mountains”  inspired by the absolutely gorgeous real thing we had seen the night before.



I couldn’t miss an attempt at the lovely Aspen trees, and the hummingbirds (the only part touched up with a brush) that kept whizzing past my ear as I painted.

mountain lake watermark


In my final landscape, “Mountain Lake” I used a larger canvas and finished up the palette knife painting with paint brush pine needles.

I love this messy, but very satisfying, new to me technique.   The moral of the story? Never hesitate to try something new!


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  1. I totally agree. I remember one time in an art workshop not liking the day’s assignment, as the process and topic held no interest for me; however, I was unable to escape participation. That was the day that I learned a valuable lesson. Now, I attempt to approach my creative endeavors with open eyes, mind and heart, always having fun along the way. You seem to have the same philosophy. I really enjoy your work.

  2. Thanks! There are so many new things to try if we can be open to them, and risk failure!

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