A Word for the Year

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Challenged to pick a theme word for 2014, I ran through many possibilities.  I love words and the power they hold in them.   I am drawn to strong words like explore, dare, grow, …and maybe it will be the right time for one of those words in 2015.  But for this year, I chose on tiny little word with a quiet, but big punch – BE.

It is so small that there is a humility about it that draws me.  It is small and still, and I need a dose of that.  The pace of growth in 2013 was exciting, but now I need a season of stillness where growth can be nurtured and flourish on the inside.  I need to be a little less driven, and more content with what, where, and who I am.  I need the space to breathe and just BE. To shrink myself a bit and let God be God.  To be calm, serene, and still, and from that inner quiet to rise fully into who and Whose I am.  To boldly and fully be.

What is your word for 2014?

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