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I had so much fun last night at an introduction to art journaling class.  In my own journal I take notes, and paint over notes.  I write shopping lists, and to do lists, and then paint over them as well.  I sketch ideas, and experiment with different techniques. It has layers and layers of my life in it.  As one participant mentioned, she is writing a story, HER story about the events of life and her reactions to them.  We are all on this journey through life, and that is what we record in our journals.

First we practiced loosening up our writing a bit.  That is one of the points we get stumped at don’t you think?  We don’t like our handwriting, we don’t know what to say, etc. etc.


I shared some of the things I have learned about the benefits of freewriting in a book called “Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insights, and Content” by Mark Levy

Then got down and dirty with some gesso and paint.  We used book pages as a palette pad.  Fun!

FB6  FB11

We used my own DIY stencils made from magazine images, and added the human form with more paint.  Read more about that here.

2009-12-28 19.36.59 (1)

On top of that went our hearts cut, or torn from our same stack of book pages, and finally, a positive message to ourselves.

Happy results!

2010-01-01 02.23.46 copy (1) 2010-01-01 02.25.08 copy (1)

Can’t wait until the next one!

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  1. Kathy Hunter

    Love seeing the fruits of creative labor. The smiles tell of fun and contentment. I definitely want to attend one or more of your classes in the future. Please keep posting the updates.

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