Twenty Important Things

20 important things watermark

Awhile back I saw a post on Julie Balzer’s blog where she listed twelve self care tips for Valentine’s Day.  I like the way she presented the list in a visual way. I randomly drew squarish shapes on a pre-painted background in my art journal, and painted around them, letting the background show through on the squares.  I happened to make twenty spaces, in addition to the title spot, so the next step was to start thinking of twenty things that I think are important in life, or that I want to be important in my life. I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it, just started filling in my boxes.

This is the page I ended up with.  What would be on your list of twenty?

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  1. Lovely page. I love the lettering, and how it’s personal! (I’m a bit of a scrapbooking/ art-journalling maniac).

  2. Ooh, great idea – your page looks fab. I am going to start thinking of my twenty important things now 🙂

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