CitraSolv Class Part 2

Think watermark
Original piece available for purchase on etsy

Last night was our CitraSolv part 2 class at Studio 13 where we used the lovely papers we made in the CitraSolv part one class to make note cards, cover composition books and make collage art.

Here we are hard at work!

2010-02-06 01.45.58 2010-02-06 01.45.40 2010-02-06 01.45.25 2010-02-06 01.45.05

The time flies by way too fast, but here are some of our amazing results:

2010-02-06 02.21.36 2010-02-06 02.21.31 2010-02-06 02.21.26 2010-02-06 02.20.51 2010-02-06 02.20.21 2010-02-06 02.20.15 2010-02-06 02.20.10

And of course, best of all, the happy faces!

2010-02-06 02.21.19 2010-02-06 02.20.44 2010-02-06 02.20.03

For more CitraSolv art, visit the CitraSolv artist’s site, or my etsy shop!

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  1. Kathy Hunter

    I’ve got to get to one or more of your classes. Love the results.

    • Thanks, Kathy, would be so honored to have you! I do still plan on getting some Saturday workshops scheduled in Wichita…

  2. Your results are just amazing. I’ve tried this a couple times and have NOT been successful. Do the NG Magazines have to be a certain year or older?

    • Thank you! I have had the best results with issues from the year 2000 or newer. Also, it can’t be rushed! Let it sit for plenty of time!

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