For Such a Time as This

Esther watermark copy


When Mordecai challenged Esther to use her royal position to influence the king to save the many lives of her own Jewish people, he said to her “Who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this” in an effort to encourage her to take action despite the risks at hand.

I could be easily asked the same question. In what ways do my own set of circumstances allow me to be in the right place at the right time to help others? When I start seeing both the good and the bad in that light, it changes my perspective on my situation.  No one else is walking in my shoes, so whatever needs I encounter on my path are mine to address! It might be as simple as a smile, or an encouraging word, or it might be something more risky and far reaching. Who knows but that I may have come to this situation for just such a time as this!

About the art:

The Jewish holiday Purim is this weekend, and since I have been writing a series of studies on the Jewish roots of Christianity, I decided to also do a study on the story of Purim’s heroine, Queen Esther. So, since I have been on a collage kick in my art journal, I decided to do a similar illustration for the Bible Study!

A modern map of the area of the ancient Persian Empire makes up part of the background beneath a layer of turquoise paint.  On the bottom half of the page I sprayed some purple Dylusions ink through a stencil.  On top I pasted a lovely woman cut from a bridal magazine, then painted over her face, chest, arms, and hair.  I left the bodice of her dress alone, just adding some highlights with a white gel pen. For the skirt, I tore strips from a book page, and let a bit of the background show through in between.  I painted in a crown, since this bride was a queen, a dove copied from my own artwork, and a copy of a watch face.  I finished with lettering, and more detailing.

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  1. I am thrilled about your using the Bible as a source for your art. From your sidebars you are a very busy woman. I hope you don’t mind if I study with you for awhile. I love your ideas, and the ta da moments of discovery. And you don’t spend a lot of money in your art to make it look beautiful. You are on a level that I can reach. I can’t have a long list of “have to get that” or “have to run out” to follow a recipe that is impossible to duplicate just to have experience with art tools that I have no knowledge about yet… I know you have the tools, and the know how, and the money to buy them. But I don’t know what I want yet. So improvising is important to me right now. HELP ME become successful in this area. And I will be forever indebted.

  2. Thank you! Living creatively is not about the expense of our tools, and I appreciate your desire to simply make art on this journey through life. Art supplies can be outrageously expensive, and while I love trying new mediums, I think it is also important for art to be something accessible to everyone. I also like the challenge of making do with what is on hand because that is part of what makes our art uniquely our own, as well as making us more responsible consumers. I would love to have you join me on this learning journey!

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  5. I had to come back and tell you… I’ve just made up some Bible verse wallet cards as part of my sister’s birthday package using this gorgeous pic. I shrunk it down and printed 8 per A4 page on craft photo paper; left a white border around each one and then laminated them and popped them into a blue and gold gauze draw-string bag. They looked fabulous! Hope she likes them. And that it will inspire others she gives them to, as well. 🙂 I’ll be sending her to my Compassion girls, too. I love it! She’s so graceful and elegant. The Lord has blessed you with a lovely gift. It’s wonderful that you are using that gift for Him. Anyway, just wanted to let you know. Thanks Kayann.

    PS: If you like, I could upload them to my Google Drive sometime (I’m snowed under at the moment so it won’t be for a few weeks) and paste the link on here. Or maybe you might like to do it yourself. My readers would love them. I’m sure others would like them too…

  6. Here is the link to the Bible verse wallet cards (8 per page) that I made for my sister using this gorgeous image. My gift to you, Kayann. Please feel free to download them and then upload them to your own stash if you would like to offer them to your readers. And if you would prefer not to make them available for your readers, simply delete this comment. 🙂

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