Pages from my Art Journal


It’s been awhile since I shared pages from my art journal, so I thought I would start the week with a few!

the gift of fantasy watermark

This one uses some scraps of CitraSolv paper on a stenciled background of brown on black.  I really like this quote from Albert Einstein.

pink and orange housework

This is a page describing the woes of housework, and all the complexities and pressures of an overfull schedule.  The page started off by blotting the ink off of a stencil that I had used spray ink on.  Then I added doodles to try out my new Posca paint pens (they are pretty awesome by the way!). Then later, I decided the page fit the mood of what was on my mind.  I often work on pages in stages like this, they tend to evolve over time.  This is also an example of a page that is nothing spectacular, but does the job of recording my life.  More than likely, this page will do more evolving over time.  I might even gesso over the words and write new ones!


Finally, I have included a page that was inspired by Bloknote, whose whimsical style I was introduced to on Lifebook 2014.  What do you think of lips in the place of a chin?  So many things you can do with faces!  The writing was pretty fun too. It goes every which way, and a reader would be hard pressed to follow it.  But that’s okay…an art journal is more about doing the writing than anyone else being able to read it!

Happy journaling!


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  1. Kathy Hunter

    Your work is always inspiring.

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