Show Time!

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After a few months off from the artisan market run, it is time to pull out my trusty tent, dust off the displays, and gear up for a fresh schedule of shows.  I have to admit to a love/hate relationship with craft shows…. the late nights preparing aren’t so bad, but the backbreaking loading and unloading and loading it all back up again wears on this not-so-young body of mine.  But, there is nothing like getting to have personal contact with my customer/friends.  Much of my business happens online, or in stores, or at monthly exhibits where I am not present. So, the opportunity to actually meet my customers in person is a treat.  It also gives me valuable feedback of what people are most interested in so I can make appropriate adjustments to my product line.

IMG_6921 IMG_0403

Setting up the display is fun too.  Each space is a little different, and the items I have at each vary some too, so there is a new challenge at every show.  When it is outdoors, there is also the wind, the cold, the rain, and sometimes all three to deal with.  My handy husband made huge cement buckets to fasten to each of the tent legs so I don’t blow away in the Kansas wind!

Most important, of course, is the crafty creations that I bring to the show.  I try to have something new and different at each show, and a variety of price ranges.  Here is a chance for some online browsing…

038 040 041 042 043 044 045 046 047 ae1 card sets IMG_0379 IMG_0413 IMG_0416 IMG_0427 IMG_0428 IMG_0960 painted bracelets 1 bottles for Red Barn IMG_1040 IMG_1093 IMG_1102 IMG_1105 copy bobbies defined bookmarks Rice pack owl blue head wraps IMG_2283 IMG_6065 IMG_6064 ot1 FP1

Next show up is The Red Barn Outdoor Market near Benton, Kansas.  I always look forward to the atmosphere of music, and food, and the mix of vintage and handmade items.  It is a time to mingle, and shop, and meet new friends.  Read more about this event on the slow living ict blog and see another picture of my booth!

Hope you can come!

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