Bicycle Inner Tube Bag


Since I view everything discarded in our home as a potential craft supply, when my husband began fixing up bicycles I was quick to nab the old inner tubes.  There are so many uses for them…though I do have to admit they are a bit difficult to work with.  By cutting open the tubes and sewing three strips together, I had large enough sections to create this pint sized messenger bag.  I also made a pencil pouch and card holder.  (For those of you who live locally, Bluebird Books of Hutchinson carries these pencil pouches)

piecing tubes

From there it was just a matter of using these panels of stitched together tube as I would normal fabric.  I used lots of zig zag stitches, and reinforced the stress areas with extra stitches and rivets.  I found fun odds and ends of hardware for the closures, used lobster clips paired with a shower curtain ring, or triangle shaped ring from our dismantled trampoline.

Le2   Le3

I lined my bag with a gray men’s shirt,


and embellished the front flap with both found and purchased hardware.


The strap was made from a single inner tube, and proves to be very comfortable!


From the leftover bits, I made a lined pencil pouch, and card holder.



To read more about how to make these bags, see the Autumn 2014 issue of Haute Handbags!

To purchase this small messenger bag visit my etsy shop!





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  1. You are so nifty! That bag looks amazing. I love it. I love that you are being Eco-friendly by recycling unwanted things into something new and giving that material a new lease of life.

  2. artistpjlangley

    I love these! So creative!

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