Monday in Montana Travel Journal part 6

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After leaving Bozeman, we visited Yellowstone.  None of us had been there before.  We entered through the Roosevelt Arch which I sketched with Copic markers (my flesh tone set) on top of acrylic.  Then I cut a hole in the page so you can peek through the archway to see one of the waterfalls from the next page.  I lined up a vintage look postcard on the facing page so that when the page is turned you can see this waterfall through the arch as well.



Mammoth Falls was a strikingly beautiful place with all kinds of strange mineral deposits, and some strange smells as well!  I used grays and muted yellows for the background on these pages.


On the next page I wanted to record the wildlife we had experienced at Yellowstone in a fun way.  I used tea bag envelopes that I had saved on the trip, and used animal stickers from the gift shop to stick on the tags I had brought with me in my portable studio.  A glue stick and washi tape fastened the recycled bags to the page. Each tag was tied with string so that you can play a sort of matching game by putting the right tag with its animal description.  I like the idea of interactive journals.


Next week I will share the rest of the Yellowstone pages with you!

Have you kept a trip diary?

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  1. Your journal is so wonderfully inventive. I love it. I can imagine this journal becoming a wonderful heirloom for future generations of your family.

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