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It’s been quite some time since I updated you on my studio redo.  It has come along nicely, and though there are still many things I need to do, it has become a quite nice and functional space.  Here are a few of the things you would spot if you popped into my studio today.


I got some more towel bars at a garage sale and mounted them on my studio’s sloping ceiling/wall. They work great with the paint cups to hold my various markers and paint pens.


I have a propane heater in my studio, and since I tend to pile stuff on every flat surface, this no parking sign reminds me that nothing can park on the heater!


A couple pieces of artwork hang out on my very limited wall space.


A lovely shelf full of vintage books waiting to be made into smash books and journals and secret stash books.


I have fallen in love with these 12 x 12 inch plastic boxes from Michael’s.  They have proved the perfect size for so many things.  I keep my stencils, collage bits, watercolors, tissue papers, stamps, and so many other things in these and they all stack nicely together.


My gathering of necklaces waiting to become fancy purse straps, assemblage bits, or art hangers drape a painted wall mirror.


A very rusty old tool box keeps my twine and string corralled.


This was an unused plant stand that I almost got rid of.  Thankfully I realized that turned upside down it made a wonderful place to store all my rolled collage papers!


My composition books in waiting keep company with a bottle of Citra Solv.  I always keep some handy for cleaning studio messes as well as altering National Geographic pages.


Partly finished artwork props up wherever there is a free space.  A vintage suitcase waits to carry supplies to a workshop. Behind them is a Mexican painted chair.  I love the bright and cheery colors!


Above my desk is a random assortment of vintage storage and works in progress.


I really think this alligator moves around on his own.  He keeps turning up in places I don’t remember putting him in!


I got this narrow little wire basket at one of my favorite local antique shops, and it works great to hold an assortment of favorite paints on my worktable.


I made the WELCOME banner from vintage fabric scraps and hung it on the rails of the loft, which is where I store all my bulky quilts and bedspreads waiting to be cut up.  I also hung up some old Christmas lights to add some cheer!


This hand cut stencil hangs on the wall ready to use.

I am so thankful for my studio space!

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  1. Your space is so crafty and ingenious. I ABSOLUTELY loved your Montana journal and all your art. Thanks for sharing.

    Jean Pilch

  2. The plant stand upend is brilliant.

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