Gelli Plate Printing

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Awhile back I pulled out my 8 x 10 inch gelli plate and made a bunch of decorated papers that I will use as backgrounds, collage papers, and journal pages.  When I start gelli printing, I make sure I have a stack of papers ready.  Some of them are recycled from art that didn’t turn out.  There is watercolor paper, card stock, and glossy photo paper included in this batch.  I also printed on the index pages from an atlas, as well as on several sheets of deli paper.


I don’t clean my gelli plate in between prints, so I end up with some interesting color combinations, and that is part of what I love about these!



And here is one of my favorites as a holiday gift to you!  Feel free to download and use in your projects…

Holly Gelli Print


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  1. Kathy Hunter

    Gelli plate printing is so much fun. I’m scheduled to demo the Gelli plate process at the Wichita Women Artists meeting in January. Love your posts. Merry Christmas!

  2. Gelli plates are fabulous. The layers are so wonderful and the yellow is my favorite.

  3. Yes, they are fun and quick and the papers can be used for so many things!

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