Ambigram Fun

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inside out BW

A few years ago I developed a fascination with ambigrams, words that can be read either direction. I love the meaning that they can imply just through their direction.  I browsed a lot of really outstanding works online (tattoo artists have some really great ones) before I tried my hand at it. Mine are rather primitive in comparison, but are still a lot of fun to do.  A good brain exercise!

Some of them read the same no matter which way you turn them, for example, the word “family”.  A family is a family no matter which way you turn it, even if some disaster turns it on its head.

ambigram - family copy

Since I don’t have the technological know how to make a spinning image, I have put them side ways.  Tilt your head to the right to read the words, then try to the left.  I found that the more ornate letters are more easily transformed because you don’t really question the extra embellishments that become a different letter turned the other way around.


I like the word blessings because they go both directions….we bless others, and we in turn are blessed.  God showers us with blessings and we share those blessings.  Blessings happens to be an easy word to make an ambigram with as well with those double s’s in the middle.  Other words are much harder.

I also like words that change when you read the other direction, like this saint and sinner.

ambigram - my sinner to saint

I was so determined to make this alpha and omega work, but it was obviously not one of those easy words I talked about!

alpha and omega side

And this one is really hard to read, but I thought it looked cool.

inside out BW copy

Can you figure it out?  Here is a hint: read it with your head tilted to the left first, and then to the right. Still can’t figure it out?  Check back tomorrow for the answer!



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