Happy Birthday Kansas!

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Kansas entered the Union as the 34th state on January 29, 1861, 100 years and some months before I was born.  It is celebrating its 154th birthday today.

I love my state.  It often gets kind of a bum rap as a boring place.  I will grant you that it does not have the dramatic scenery of say, Colorado’s rugged mountains, or the sweeping beaches of Florida, or the majestic forests of California, but give me Kansas any day.  The others are great places to visit, but Kansas is a great place to LIVE. I love the prairie colors, the majestic sunrises and sunsets, the deep green and then golden fields, and the truly spectacular night skies.  And of course, there are also the people.  Farmers, entrepreneurs, small town business owners and workers.  A stable, hearty sort of people who would give you an arm if you needed it.

Here are some of my favorite images, in no particular order. Just enjoy the sampling of beauty Kansas style!

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  1. I am originally from Kansas … grew up in Topeka, graduated from Emporia State and as a matter of fact I am coming back for my 40th (eeek!) high school reunion in August. This brings back so many fond memories growing up outside of Topeka, it really was/is beautiful esp in the fall, which doesn’t really exists here in TX. Thanks for this … great start to my day!

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