Add a Dragon – Journl Prompt

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In honor of Chinese New Year today, the art journal prompt is to add a dragon to your page.  Can’t draw a dragon?  Try using one of these free coloring pages.

This one from Activity Village looks very Chinese, and they have several to choose from:

chinese dragon

And if you want a more “normal” looking dragon, try this site full of all kinds of coloring pages.


or, pull one out of your child’s coloring book (add wings to a dinosaur?) or an old children’s book.

Now give your dragon a personality and write about it.  Is it a friendly dragon that protects you from something?  Or is it a looming problem in your life that you have to deal with?

(There is nothing wrong with using someone else’ work in a journal, as long as you aren’t stealing something you should be paying for, or claiming it as your own work.)

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