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Addie copy (1)

The rich colors and “bubbles” of some of the papers I have altered with Citra Solv often make me think of the work of Gustav Klimt, an Austrian artist of the late 1800s to early 1900s.  I finally decided to mimic one of his pieces with a mixed media collage.  I chose one of my favorites, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I finished by Klimt in 1907, not realizing that a movie about it is being released this year!  It seems that it is one of many pieces of art confiscated during the Holocaust, and then later reclaimed by the family.  A Woman in Gold is the account of the fight to have the piece returned to the family of Adele.


Klimt took 3 years to complete his 52 x 52 inch oil and gold on canvas, commissioned by Adele’s husband.  My version, “Addie” is only 12 x 12, and is a collage of Citra Solv altered papers with acrylic paint on a wood panel. I didn’t try to make it an exact representation, just a similar pose with everything except her face and arms very flat appearing.  I also added in some geometric shapes in acrylic, and added some touches in gold paint.

Addie copy (2)

A fun use of Citra Solv altered papers!

This original is sold, but if you are interested in this piece as a print, tote bag, phone case, etc. visit my society6 shop, or purchase on etsy!


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  1. I love your work. I will eventually try this technique! Thanks for sharing it, and congratulations on the sale!

  2. I love Klimt for his use of pattern, shape and gold so I obviously love this piece of yours for the same reason. I did not know they were making a movie about that portrait either. Sounds like one to look out for.

  3. Well, it looks so unusual. Like Picasso’s and someone’s else paintings put together.

    • Kayann Ausherman

      One thing I like about the Citra Solv altered paper is its unusual look!

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