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Haven sm

I love small town living! There is just a special feel among the businesses, the people, the schools… a camaraderie that just is different than that of the bigger cities I have lived in.  Kind of a sense of “we’re all in this together”, or maybe it is more “us against the world”  When someone in our town is in crisis, we circle our wagons and surround them with love. Kind of an enlarged family feel I guess. It fosters a sense of loyalty in me, the desire to give back to this community that has been so good to me.

That feel extends to the local small businesses.  I love going in and seeing familiar faces, both among the employees and the other customers. I appreciate that the owners are right there and know the community, know their likes and dislikes and needs. There is a mutual attitude of giving, of helping each other.


Haven’s local grocery store is one such business.  It may not have all the glitz and glam of a big chain store, but it has so much more to offer! …like a beautiful turquoise store front!

Straight from their website, the benefits of shopping local small businesses:

By shopping at our store each week, you accomplish the following ten items:

  1. You keep your dollars in our local economy.
  2. You help create local jobs …(like for my daughters saving up for college!)
  3. You nurture our local community.
  4. You help the environment by buying locally.
  5. You invest in local ownership.
  6. You create more choice in shopping. 
  7. You utilize the many years of our experience and expertise in food.
  8. You embrace what makes us different from our larger, national competitors.
  9. You make our store a destination — and we appreciate it!
  10. Every week you will find hundreds of specials throughout our store. (check out the ad )

and, #11. they carry a large selection of my notecards at a hometown special price!


Some of my favorites in my local grocery store (besides the cards of course):

the deli…serving delicious homemade food at very reasonable prices:


the produce section that would entice anyone to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables:

20150312_111325 20150312_111348

Their meat case with their beautiful display:


And best of all… the friendly folks who work there!


Wherever you are, go support a small business today!


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