The Adventure of Art


art and risk taking watermark

Unfortunately I don’t know the author of this quote, so if any of you do, please let me know!  But the words are so true, at so many levels.  Art is so risky.  It is not only being vulnerable enough to uncover your creative juices, but also being willing to expose them to the world, to risk rejection and failure, to speak in a language not everyone understands.  But, without some risk there would not be the exciting sense of adventure that I feel when doing art.

What is the biggest sense of adventure you find in art?


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  1. I’m reading Brene’ Brown’s DARING GREATLY and she talks to this, our fear of putting ourselves out there and the need to overcome our voices of shame and our fear of being vulnerable. She states that vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation and change … your question reminds me of that very truth! I admire artists like you so much because you ‘dare greatly’ everyday thru your blogs and it provides so much joy and inspiration.

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