Musical Easels – an intro to mixed media

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I recently taught a “Musical Canvas” introduction to mixed media art workshop.  In it, we try out many basic techniques of mixed media, and switch canvases at each one.  By the time we were done, everyone had worked at least once on each of the canvases… a true collaborative effort!  Four of them followed the same theme – a vase of flowers, so I thought I would share what the piece looked like early in our process, and then at completion.  I love all the individuality that is apparent in these pieces!

From this…


to this!

IMG_5396 copy

And this one…


became this!


From this beginning…

1.collage base

came this…


and finally, this background…

3 paint

… turned into this!


Great job on all don’t you think!

If you would like to take a similar workshop and live in the Wichita, Kansas area, there will be a musical easels workshop at Tessera Gallery on Saturday, July 18.  Email for more information.

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  1. Seeing the beginnings and the finished pieces is really interesting. I think the idea of working on a process at a time and then switching places sounds like great fun.

  2. It was one of the most freeing classes I have ever attended!!!

  3. Lovely. Although I would be fearful of “messing up” someone else’s work. Need to face my fear!

    • Youbwould do great, Lynn! You should come to the one at Tessera Gallery in July. You could come here and ridebwith me!

  4. Love the idea of everyone working on each other’s works from start to finish. I think those women really had a superb time.

  5. What a neat concept.

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