Stencil Cutting

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I use a lot of stencils in my artwork, so I have been wanting to make some new ones with designs specifically suited to my needs.  On recent car trips I spent some time sketching ideas.

Once back home, I pulled out everything I would need to turn my ideas into stencils:

  • graph paper – makes laying things out uniformly much easier!
  • sheet of glass with duct tape around edges for safety
  • black marker
  • washi tape
  • hot knife tool


I drew out the design a little nicer than my sketches, and put this pattern underneath the glass.  Since the hot tool holder is pretty light weight and tends to slide, I taped it to the glass. This knife gets super hot and you don’t want it moving around unexpectedly!

pattern and glass

This stencil is supposed to end up looking like chicken wire. I want it for the background of a rooster piece.

chicken wire

And then for the test!

using the stencil

Yep, it works!

Now for another one…. I call this design Agra, because it makes me think of India.

getting started cutting with hot tool

What design would you love to make into a stencil?

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  1. What a nifty tool. You are clearly very dexterous with it. At the moment I am inspired by organic shapes so I would probably make leaf, feather or pebble shapes if I was making a detailed stencil.

  2. K , I feel inspired to be a friend to such a crafty artist. Love it all. Thanks for being you.

  3. K, I am inspired by all your work, keep it up.

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