Sandhill Plum Picking

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Sometimes I get to take part in the sweetest stories! I feel so honored when my art gets to play a small part in making a wedding special, or in making a sweet memory when someone has passed on, or in making a fun themed diaper bag or guest book.  They are all special creations because they MEAN something even beyond pure function or aesthetics.


With my “PICKING SANDHILL PLUMS” 18 X 24 mixed media artwork, I was given a phone snapshot and asked to do a painting.  The subject is to receive this painting for her 94th birthday, so if you recognize her, or the girl, SHHHH!  In the scene, she and her great granddaughter are picking sandhill plums so that Grandma can make more jelly.  What a special memory for both of them!

Here is the original photo…


Hope they all enjoy the piece!

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  1. What s delightful painting.

  2. A beautiful piece of work. She’ll love it; well done!

  3. So beautiful! So sure grandma will love it.

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