Woman of Color

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I started this 16 x 20 canvas piece while camping in Colorado and did the final touch ups here at home.  It is a departure from my recent mixed media, done only with acrylic using a large paint brush and a palette knife.  I did give in and use a small brush for the pupils, eyelashes and eyebrows.  This kind of painting is fun to do once in awhile as I just jump in and start painting and keep painting until a image begins to emerge.  There are many layers of color here, especially in her red hair!  I resisted the urge to go back and “improve” her imperfect features, because that would kind of defeat the whole point of doing some loose work!

Have a terrific and art full week!

(this piece will be hanging at Artlandia, a gallery in Hutchinson, during the month of September)

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  1. Perfect or imperfect, she is beautiful.

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