Four Seasons in a Window Pane

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I had a busy three day weekend in my booth at Vintage Market Days in Wichita, so I am running a bit behind!  (More on the show in tomorrow’s blog post!)

I thought I would showcase one of the most looked at items in my booth… at least until it sold!  My Four Seasons Tree set remains some of my most popular artwork.  I wrote a post awhile back about framing the prints in an old four pane window.

window pane trees for etsy copy

It is surprisingly hard to come by four pane windows (like every child draws on their houses) so I keep my eyes out for them.  Awhile back my friend Mary found a whole batch of windows for me, and some were four paned!


Then comes the process of cleaning repairing, replacing broken panes, and resizing the prints to fit.  My husband is an engineer, and finishes the back with a wiring system strong enough to hold the heavy piece, and felt tabs to keep it from scuffing the wall.

Then it is show ready!

window pane four seasons

Do you have a four pane window and want to make your own?  Order my four season tree print set here!  Just trim to fit the panes.

AUTUMN watermark SPRING watermark SUMMER watermark WINTER watermark

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  1. Once again another beautiful work of art!!!

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