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I was privileged to be able to fill my weekend with workshops!  Saturday was two sessions of artist trading card making at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.  We used a deck of playing cards and got at least a good start on all 52 cards in 3 hours.  Needless to say, these participants did some fast work!

The results were great, and so many imaginative ideas of what they are going to do with these cards!  Some added photos or Christmas images and are going to use them as personalized gift tags.  Others plan to hang them on the tree as ornaments.  Still others plan to drop a card a week into the mail as a special gift of cheer.  It got me to thinking of some ideas of my own…. maybe a Thanksgiving table gratitude project!


The next day I held a private workshop in a home to make leather cuffs.  We painted with Angelus leather paints, stamped words, used embellishments, riveted and snapped… with truly amazing results!

Such a fun and talented group!  Now I am in the mood to do some of my own creating!


Some handy links:

to my artist trading card kits your own art party in a box!


for painted leather accessories..


and for information on hosting your own workshop!

Happy creating!

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  1. Kathy Hunter

    The 52 card pick-up workshop was delightful. You can see that my hands were busy in both of the photos, but having so much fun being in a group creative zone. I went home and continued working on my deck and completed them( (for the most part) the next day. I believe that’s a personal record for me, creating 52 pieces of original art in slightly over 24 hours. Let’s just say, my creative juices were flowing heavily and I LOVED IT! So glad that I finally made it to one of you many workshop.
    Thanks, Kayann.

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