Stencil Magic


Last weekend was my Stencil Magic workshop at Tessera Fine Art Gallery.  We whizzed through 17 different techniques (and a few variations) in just a few hours, trying them out on tags.

tags examples

We sprayed, scratched, and sponged a variety of mediums through our stencils…

20151212_155420.jpg 20151212_120259.jpg 20151212_120253.jpg

and had some beautiful results!

20151212_115525.jpg20151212_155430.jpg tags

I am still deciding how I want to finish up the art journal page I started!


I was also really excited to bring out my own brand new stencil designs!  More information on those forthcoming, but I used three of them on the spread above!

2015-12-16 21.57.26_resized

Happy creating everyone!


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