Papa’s Christmas Gifts

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My husband (aka Papa) out did himself for Christmas this year.  I have been dying to share his progress, but of course everything had to stay top secret!

For our first and second grade granddaughters,  he built a versatile lemonade stand/puppet stage/store.  We didn’t get a photo while it was all together, but here is the basic structure:

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It also had a curtain to go across the back when being used for a puppet show, along with a couple of puppets.  We also included lemonade, a pitcher, and cups, as well as a homemade “cash register” with a tray for money and a giant calculator mounted on top.  The little entrepreneurs are already dreaming up all the things they can sell at their new stand!

For a younger set of three granddaughters he made a modular dollhouse.  It was based on plans found on Ana White’s inspiring blog, but ever the engineer, he made a few modifications like a garage that doubles as storage for furniture and people.  He also added some stairs, and designed some of his own furniture. We opted to buy accessories (like people and pets) by Melissa and Doug, and for the one year old twins some baby safe Fisher Price people.


(Do you see the tuckered out Santa in the background?) The cool thing about this house is that each section, or room, is separate, so they can be stacked like blocks in different styles of homes.  So fun!


We are already brainstorming about what to make for our youngest grandchild next year….  any good ideas?

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  1. Superb! Your grandchildren are very lucky to have you both as grandparents.

  2. Kathy Hunter

    It’s a blessing to have a very handy man that will use his talent, like your guy. I’m blessed with one, also. Happy New Year!!!

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