The Best of 2015

Well, this is the last day of 2015 and there are a few of my goals for the year that I am clearly not going to meet.  But that’s okay because there is so much more that I DID accomplish.  I made more art than ever, averaging about 2 pieces a week.  I did a much better job keeping up with blogging.  I added many more workshops, had some work published, and in general just faithfully kept showing up and putting myself out there!

In case you missed them, these were my most viewed posts in 2015, even though some of them date back to previous years!

Citra Solv Discovery

turq watermark


followed by Painted Purse Tutorial.



Free Word Art Coloring Page

Isaiah 55

Psalm 147:4 Sunday Doodle

Ps 147.4

and finally… Citra Solv Special Effects

Citra Circles watermark




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