New Art – Woodland

Woodland watermark

I created this 12 x 12 inch mixed media collage for Gallery XII“s Crazy Eights exhibit.  Pretty much anything goes in this show as long as it is a square not exceeding 12 x 12 inches.  Mine includes papers I created using Citra Solv.

Lots of paper snipping went into this piece! You can see how I have sketched in a guide for gluing the papers down.


I added a little paint and ink to the background with the help of some stencils.


Tying out a second tree before I start adding leaves.


Lots and lots of little leaves cut out of Citra Solv paper, painted papers, and handmade papers.



This piece will be at Gallery XII in Wichita until Feb. 23rd.


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

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