Forest Queen

Forest Queen watermark

“Forest Queen” first appeared in my sketchbook.


I was inspired looking through my stash of papers, and my new line of stencils.  Dots in a Row is especially evident in the background.

20160125_130526 dots in a row watermark

After getting everything blocked in, I did some reverse painting on the background, and started adding papers, like a lace print paper napkin for her dress.


Picking just the right papers is a difficult task!

3 papers

I added pattern with my own hand carved stamp.  Gold paint makes the design on the dress.


Slowly adding more detail…

5foliage 6

I used gold ink and a dip pen for detailing her hair.

7forest queen watermark

8 9

If you are interested in this 15 x 30 inch canvas original, contact Tessera Fine Art Gallery at (316) 262-2435.

Happy creating!


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  1. Lovely process and piece! Thank you.

  2. The piece is beautiful and it was fascinating not only seeing your process but also how the idea had germinated in the pages of your sketch book.

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