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When Patsy Terrell of Talk20 Hutchinson first asked me about participating in a talk about my artistic journey at the local library, I imagined a talk to 30 or so people.  The set up is genius.  Ten different people provide 20 images each, and then talk for 20 seconds about each image.  The talks were on everything from raising chickens to biking across Kansas. Even though public speaking is low on my list of having a good time, it did sound like a fun event to be a part of.

The audience turned out to be a standing room only crowd of over 400 people!  Not exactly what I had bargained for!  But I am glad I did it, and really enjoyed the other talks.  People are so interesting don’t you think?


If you want to check out the story of my late in life career start, go here.  I say I started art making at 50, but really our creativity flows from the summation of all of our life experiences.  The gathered experiences of life make my art what it is today.

What is your story?




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  1. My story is that your story inspires me. Thank you. And congratulations!

  2. Oh, my dear friend – thank you for posting this. I cried! I’m so proud of you Kayann. May His generous love continue to bless you & fill your life with happiness. I can say, at least for myself, His light shines through you!

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